My True Short Stories

  1. I Picked Apples in Plattsburg!
  2. The Accident
  3. The Elvis Impersonator Who Saved My Life
  4. My Mother and Father
  5. How I Ended Up in the US Marine Corps
  6. My Best Friend in the US Marine Corps
  7. The Most Influential Person in My Young Life
  8. “He Killed My Mama, He Killed My Mama”
  9. My First Love in Grade School
  10. My First Chance to Show Off
  11. The Fight of My Life as A Teenager
  12. My Six Most Favorite Gifts
  13. The French’s Mustard Story
  14. The Good Times I Had at the Orphanage
  15. Why Me Lord?
  16. My Buy and Rent Houses Ventures
  17. My Time at Los Angeles City College
  18. How I Met My Wife
  19. Motivational Success School And Aloe Vera
  20. Fishing With My Problem Child
  21. My Uncle And The Glass Is Empty
  22. His Head And The Coca-Cola Bottle
  23. Be Careful What You Say
  24. You Cannot Find Your Happiness in Other People
  25. The Ending And A True Story 

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